Full Moon in Pisces: Musings for Soulful Creatives


What is real and imagined? When the imagining becomes so real it takes form and focus in our lives, the answer to that question changes.

What soul-deep or immersive feelings are you experiencing - or trying to avoid? About your life. Your relationships. Your creative focus. Your dreams and vision and higher truth. The suffering and pain in you, a loved one, the world?

What needs a little more compassion? A respite? A healthy escape?

And when was the last time you allowed yourself to just let go? Or to go with the flow of your creative muse? To laugh any way - in spite of any pain? Or to sip the sweet nectar of timelessness in the ocean of your ineffable inner world?

These are just some of the themes to reflect on with this month's full moon. Pisces invites you into the world of your heart, creativity and sensitivities... into poetry, unity, color, and whatever form your soul takes to express itself when it dances with the mystery and divine.

One foot very much in the the world of sensation, and one foot in the realms of Spirit.

This month’s Full Moon is Wednesday, September 6 (2017) at 3:02am EDT in the sign of PISCES ♓︎

Here is this month's free audio musing for the Full Moon in Pisces...

How does the Pisces and/or Full Moon energy resonate or relate for you or your creative process? Would love to know your thoughts and experience, if you'd like to share.

Wishing you some dreamy free-time and the gift of gentle connection for your full moon week, Hali