Give~Away: Receive a gift enrollment to Birth Your Dreams into Being for 2015

Give~Away: 13 month online curriculum to Birth Your Dreams into Being I was floored when they said they were gifting a seat for the entire 13 month curriculum and journey of Birthing Ourselves into Being, 2015. I am deeply honored and thrilled to get to offer that spot in the virtual circle here to you.

This is not just an ordinary give-away with a free spot to win - it is an indescribable gift and opportunity, that has been created by multitudes of simultaneous creative energy, effort and devotion. It will change, illuminate and empower your heart and voice. {Thank You, Baraka and Autumn, for your great generosity!}

I am one of the guest teachers for 2015 - and I am also thrilled to be hosting a global Tele-Circle option AND participating in the program myself. And in case you're wondering - yes, I'm offering a section on keeping a Visual Journaling practice - which is a *perfect* way (though certainly not the only way) to work through and support you as you move through the program.

Will you join us?

Please spend a little time getting a sense of BOiB, by reading about the program, the fantastic & diverse guest teacher line-up, and visiting the BOiB facebook page. If you'd like to 'meet' Baraka and Autumn for yourself, listen to this Holistic Creative Chat they had with me last month - it's been a hit amongst those feeling the call to rise up into our fullness and wholeness, in both our inner and outer experiences.

To enter the Give~Away, please complete the following three steps:

1. Connect with Baraka, Autumn and the BOiB community vision by following/liking their beautiful social media spaces on Instagram and/or Facebook and/or their lovely Newsletter at the bottom of this page HERE. Honor system here, sweet sister.

2. Share this Give-Away post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Google+. That image below is a great one for Pinterest. (On Instagram, go to my profile - halikarla - to snag the giveaway image to use there). Thank you for sharing in your spaces - it truly means a lot to all of us involved with BOiB.

3. Two parts for this one: Leave a comment answering the question: What are you Birthing into Being in 2015? (one word or one hundred, call it in) AND, tell us where you shared from step two - thanks again. (You can leave your comment here or on my IG giveaway post)

This Give-Away is now closed.

The recipient is Angela, who posted on 12/18 at 9:16pm. I have emailed you to connect you with Autumn and Baraka. Congratulations!

Thank you all for your entries... May all you are visioning, dreaming, birthing, believing, releasing and receiving be in alignment with the highest good and ease possible for all who are touched by your creative energies.

receive a gift spot to  13 month online curriculum to Birth your Dreams into Being in 2015