Gratitude, from an Elder

There is so much in this world to be grateful for today and everyday.
So much diversity and awesome magnificence in our speck of a world in this ever-expanding Universe.
Our time to appreciate it and experience it is unknowable.
Drink in as much of it as you can everyday.
Taste it in your mouth, feel it with your hands and feet and heart,
smell it in the wind, and listen to the sound of it in everything around you.
Yes, in everything.
And we have been gifted with these incredible senses to experience it with.
So don't just be grateful in your mind, in your prayers or in your journal.
Don't just give thanks tomorrow because that's just what we do for Thanksgiving.

You can choose to be gratitude in motion. Start within and expand and share it outwardly with everyone and every being in as many moments that you can remember to sense the magnificence and appreciate your very breath your very pulse this moment this hour this day just now


~ Be Living Gratitude in your Life ~

For this, we can try, together.

Here is a beautiful video with wisdom for Gratitude from an Elder:

(Robert Genn shared this video this week. If you're an artist, he has a great newsletter always full of inspiration.)