heartbeat (vlog): crazy moon, isolation, circle of vulnerability

studio check-in vlog on isolation and support for creatives "Warriors of Vision and Spirit" are apparently on my mind for this week's Studio Tuesday check-in! I keep saying that when speaking to the courage in us to stay true to our creative heart's truth as artists and visionaries, even when the world doesn't seem to 'get' us or we feel a little connection-hungry.

I want to add that a great way to break the isolation blues is to also take your art out of the usual places where you engage with it - go outside for a little plein air, take a sketchbook to a coffee house or restaurant or festival, step out of your comfort zone and try an artist's meet-up - or start your own. Shake it up and risk being misunderstood for the chance of connection with another kindred soul! But mostly, remember that artists and visionaries everywhere feel this ache from time to time - this longing - know that it comes in waves, and is, perhaps, just part of the full gamut of the experience of being a visionary - and that you are not alone.