Holistic Creative Inspiration

katieflowers2 This is a small sampling of some of the inspiring pages being created by participants in Spectrum so far. Scroll through to see some of the delicious diversity...


There are unique styles in the workshops and activity invitations themselves, and this has allowed a real freedom and diversity to emerge on the pages of participants' journals. Some are responding with collage, some sketching. There is painting and fingerpainting happening. Light-chasing for photos. Writing underneath, writing on top. Pages that take 10 minutes and some that take weeks.

The content also invites us to bring a holistic and creative approach to our lives, to how we SEE, to our relationships, to how we talk to & love ourselves, and how we engage with our natural world.


I have to say that I feel like I have the best position with all of this...


... because I can see how each pdf is already beginning to weave with the previous ones. There is an organic - and feminine - joining of experience, wisdom and expression happening. It isn't just within the content that has been prepared by the contributors, though.


It is also emerging from the LIFE that content is taking on in its collective form - an energy that thrives and pulses as each participant makes it her own in the safe pages of her visual journal.


I envisioned Spectrum from two very strong beliefs that I hold from experience. The first is in the power of collective energy and wisdom - and the mystery of transformation that occurs when we come together to create, express, participate, share - trusting that we already have exactly what we need within us for whatever it may be that we desire or are called toward tending and experiencing.


Second, I believe that every one of us is a Holistic Creative being, capable of vitality and joy, and liberating self-awareness and expression... and that when we come to ourselves with that knowing, willing to explore and grow and celebrate LIFE, we begin to fully feel the inherent connection we have with everything and everyone else.


Connection is the elixir for all aches, realities, dreams and potential. Connection, curiosity and inspiration strengthen the resilient response within us to transform and celebrate the essence of who we are.


In Spectrum, we are exploring what it means to embody our own sense of connection, participation, curiosity and expression. It looks different for each of us.

On Tuesday, the third pdf - INSPIRE, goes out to all participants on this 2014 visual journaling journey.

YOU CAN STILL JOIN US to receive instant access to the first two pdfs (OPEN & PULSE), and to begin to receive the monthly pdfs for the rest of the year with the hundreds of people who have already signed up.

(All images above used with permission of the artist)

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{ALSO - speaking of Holistic Creatives - I put the chats on hold for a few weeks due to a little springtime illness in our house - but keep an eye out, those will be starting back up soon!}