It's in the Layers

A painting from my workshop created for


Most things I start don't look at all like I thought they would once I finish them.

My perspective changes with each move I make, with each experience I add to my bag of tricks.

I like that about life - it keeps me interested and feeds my curiosity.

It makes me want more Life, more love, more shifting, more of my truth-finding adventures.

In that process

I see the unending metaphors around me, about me, and coming from me.

I see it in how I paint, too.

How the painting above started - detail of the first two layers.

In fact, in my painting process, I have little expectation to begin with...

and I like that.

It's just the right medicine for me and my spiritual truths and discoveries.

But I have to admit that once the colors start to swirl,

my mind does sneak in with advice and images and sometimes a suggested destination.

So it is a continual process of smiling away my mind's whispers,

and keeping my focus on the sensations of the present moment -

in my body, on the page, in this space, in the color and spontaneity of creativity flowing -

and then letting go into the next whim of quiet knowing

between me and Creative Source.

And what begins to unfold

is a creation story of layers,

each a snapshot of a Now,


not into a conclusive destination or masterpiece of completion,

but gently shifting

into a content insight of the potential that lies ahead.

I don't paint for the finished product.

I paint for the insights within,

for the indescribable gifts I receive by showing up to do the work.

You won't see that staring back at you, spoonfed and simply put,

by looking just at the surface.

It's deeper than that;

It's in the layers.

detail of Layers 3 & 4.

after the fifth layer and before the final session and layer...

detail of the final layer

detail of the final layer