June Prayer Art Invitation

This month brings us toward the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere.

The time when the light reaches its longest hour, and the cycle of the seasons begins its steady trip back toward the restful harbor of winter.

So for this month, let's honor the natural rhythms we're in with some celebration and contemplation of right where we are in the energy of the seasons.

Let's make a special, integrated effort in our lives to get Grounded with the land where-ever we live, however that looks, by centering into our own personal practices of connection and stirring the pot of our intuitive, creative expressions.

In that spirit, this month's Prayer Art prompt is:

Earth Energy!

I, for one, intend to do a little flower/plant pressing with some local greenery I want to learn more about, and some extra intuitive nature painting (on site) as part of my practice this month.

You could easily integrate this into other things you might be participating in this busy time of year, as well. For instance, if you're doing the ICAD this month (hosted by sweet Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow), maybe some of your cards will become Prayer Art cards.

Or, Pixie Campbell is hosting a free week of live online shamanic journeying the week of the Solstice. If that's something you're interested in, you could participate and then create your Earth Energy Prayer Art following a guided journey (heck, I might give that a try myself).

If you're in 21 Secrets with us - or another art journaling adventure, consider how you might incorporate this reflection and expression onto a spread you're making.

The point is to find a way that this invitation fits into your life - a way of engaging the creative energy that feels really good to give attention and time to.

Whatever your intentions, I always love to hear them, or about how your practice might look for you. And, of course, my favorite is to see your beautiful Prayer Art creations - which you can feel free share on my facebook page, or over in the Sacred Art of Women group - or you can always just drop me an email at hali@halikarla.com !

The week of the Solstice I will begin my own collective Prayer Painting with any prayers that have been submitted to the Prayer Box. If you have a prayer near-and-dear to your heart right now that you would like to give extra voice and energy to, you are invited to offer it, in as little or much detail as feels comfortable, RIGHT HERE.