Just a Little Longer

These are some snippets from my September prayer painting...

... still on the wall, in progress.

I felt certain yesterday

that a few hours today

would bring us to that place of 'filled up', complete

~ sweet sigh of devotion. ~

But as my practice and life would have it sometimes

I am pulled to spend several sessions,

spaced apart. 

I have actually come to find this frequency

suits my spiritual practice and needs.

I get to lose time with the process, 

in prayer,

in color,

and then step away, into my life.

Then I get to go back again,

committed to see it through,

to this practice I love,

this love I crave,

to the fountain of ritual re-focusing,

re-opening myself to the intention...

to pray

and listen.

No matter the prayer,

always to listen.

And today as I offered my prayer, I heard the painting...

... still calling me to sit with her just a little longer,

another day,

into the cool kiss of October.


30 september 2012



You can now see some of the amazing prayer art

being created

by those in the facebook Art of Prayer group.


I will post the above painting just as soon as she's complete, with my reflections on the process, later this week.

I will also post October's Prayer Art Invitation

by the 5th of the new month!!