Making Connections in my WILD Journey

I just love when life throws us synchronous messages and signs in just the right sequence -

little reminders that say,

'yes, you are moving/thinking/creating in the right way - trust yourself, trust your Source.'

Not only do I get to lead a class in WILD: The Way of Woman's Creative Heart, 

but now that the workshop is up and running - I get to take the classes, too!

I totally love that.

So, inbetween teaching and studying and working and clearing space in my day to day,

I have been sneaking in some WILD time here and there,

and the beautiful connections and validations that are surfacing

for me and my journey have given me goosebumps more than once

    - goosebumps with that strange, indescribable feeling that my Life is in a major Shift,

that I am moving, sinking, falling into a deeper sense of what this Life is meant to offer me,

and what I am meant to offer in this exchange of energy.

In Lisa Dieken's Primal Power class,

we are exploring our own patterns in relation to the Moon...

I can't help but love that one, as just the sight of the moon

has always been like a drink of spring water to my soul.

Even on the worst of days, her light seems to touch me with love, healing and peace.

So I am curious about how my own creative and mood cycles relate

to her cycles of shining on the world and quiet retreat.

I made the art journal spread above in reflective response to this,

as well as to Nicolle Birta's class Femina,

where we are exploring our unique centers of Love.

We've begun the journey with Love by reflecting on what color speaks of our unique expression of it...

and even though I'd never given it a thought before,

I knew mine instantly, without a doubt...

the whole spectrum of purples... from periwinkle to lavender to plum to magenta & fuschia.

Yep, that's what Love feels like to me, from me, of me, flowing in and out.

So I created an intuitive response to this with just those colors...

In that activity, I felt satisfied... mostly...

except a little voice wanted there to be some turquoise or light blue to round off what Love feels like in me...

 I just made a note of curiosity to myself about this.

Then, after this painting

I went and explored Tina van Leuven's class

(because I wanted to know what those pretty, colorful bottles behind her in her video were all about!).

Well, she asked for our birthdates

- to offer a reading with the bottles based on our LifePath numbers and our numbers for 2012.

I'm always on the fence about these sorts of things, though I am admittedly infatuated and curious -

and try to remain open to the messages the universe has for me.

Instantly, my journey in WILD began to show strong connections...

First - my life path colors are in a bottle of purple and pink. Even my 2012 colors are purple.

Funny to me, since I felt so strongly about my color spectrum for Love.

In addition, my life path colors revealed a bottle with turquoise/sky blue.

Yellow showed up [a color I have known for some time that I have some work to do with, without being able to express why].

And Greens - if I had to pick a color for what 'home' and connection feel like to me - this is it.

And that's just the colors...

The meaning behind her reading was...

well, as if she had pulled phrases out of my own journal in the past few months,

out of my own spirit, intuition and mind,

ideas about my path and where I'm at

that I hadn't fully felt comfortable enough to Trust and say out loud to myself even.

They have felt more like forces in Life, pulling me, calling me...

I've been unsure, I admit,

on how to proceed in redefining so many limitations I have placed on myself over the years.

On just where to begin embracing this Me that has finally been waking up.

[Tina even wrote to me this: 'When sleeping women awaken, they move mountains'.]

The themes in my synchronicities, and the reading from Tina, are this:

The power of Kindness, Transformation & deep Change, Service, Divine Love, finding and using my Voice, following my Joy, claiming my spiritual practice, inspiring others by living my Truth, letting go and welcoming in the full expansion of my Self - for me & others who come to me, claiming Time to do my true work, and assuming my Feminine Leadership role with Trust...

There is no map here, no conclusions, just these beautiful subtle signs, in sequence,

in my heart and coming back to me from the world around me,

that I can ignore or pay attention to,

just these choices,

to Open [my spirit, my eyes, my faith]

and Shift, as gracefully as I can, into the riverflow of my Life...