My Issue With Marketing :: Where's the Source

They say authentic marketing is a bit like pornography. You know it when you see it.

I get that. I'm the first to click away when a pitch starts to sound pushed, sleazy, fabricated or like it can't deliver.

To be honest, I'm not big on services and products at all. As I simplify and de-clutter my life and space, I feel this even stronger. I don't need much at all.

See, I like people -real people, doing the best they can to put themselves out there offering a gift, a talent, an opportunity, inspiration, unique goodies, connection.

Sometimes this comes from them. Sometimes this comes from word of mouth.

But I don't want a sales pitch. I want the whole package. The ones who keep bringing themselves back to Walk their Talk.

So when I spend my dollars - whether it's 10 or 1000 - I like to feel like I'm getting Authentic truth and integrity along with whatever I'm investing in. (of course, like everyone, I love a deal!)

So now, as I create my first on-line class for the WILD workshop, I find myself on the other end of promotion. I'm not looking for something for me - I'm offering something, for a price, and hoping the right people find their way to us to receive just what they want and need.

Of course, they're not gonna find us unless we promote. And there are a gazillion ways to do this, particularly with social media circles. I'm learning more and more about these circles... but I've got to be honest...

There's a fine line between feeling icky and superficial vs. going with the natural flow, having faith and keeping it playful and true.

Spending too much time thinking about numbers and strategy, or coming up with clever twitter lines to bait people, or scheduling a week's worth of posts via a social media management site (which I've never done because it just feels odd)... and sometimes even making posts about it or ads... it all starts to stagnate my spirit after awhile, and then this pit of anxiety festers.

And that's when I know I need to take a break. Step away. Re-center, re-ground. Meditate, stretch, paint, write just for me. When nothing else works, I head to the woods... and gently bring my mind and heart back to the reason I have found myself in this position to begin with...

Sometimes I think I do the best promotion of my Truth in the woods. Or the shower.

See, I have something to share that I believe in. It works - true story. It's light and deep, all at once. It's fun and creative and it feels good. It makes my cells vibrate in electric alignment.

And I just might have something to offer that helps someone else feel that way on their journey, too.

So, when I sat down to put together a little video ad for my upcoming class last night, I kicked that icky feeling's ass right out the door along with my marketing strategy to-do list .

I dusted off my joy compass and followed her lead into this playful, truthful brief look at the Me you will get to know more of in my class in WILD.  (see below)

I even danced for the camera (what?). It felt good. Damn Good. It felt truthful.

I'm not promising the moon, or a quick fix or anything like that.

Just this: an insightful experience that goes inward to your SENSEual awareness and creative self, exploring why and how we can reconnect with this anytime, through a series of techniques, listening to our bodies and reflecting on our relationship with the stimulating world around us.

Oh, and I feel confident enough to say that you will have fun! Absolutely. I just want to share this with you and connect - and maybe make a positive ripple in your experience as you travel on.

And it IS super affordable. 11 classes for the price of one. ($49 - whoa!) (That would be deal enough for me if I were sitting on the other end.)

I imagine I'll one day find more comfort in the promotion realm, finding my own unique balance, remaining authentic and committed to why I ever started this blog and began making art again.

I know it won't be by following the top ten list of ways to promote one's workshop, though.

It will be by trusting my own compass, trusting Source, and remaining in check with the motivations of my Truth and offering.