One Beat at a Time


Blessed Life. That's a two word prayer I say many times a day in the heart of my awareness. Or a variation... Bless This Life....

Last week, after completing hours of editing for PULSE (which went out to Spectrum visual journalers this past Saturday!), I was feeling both inspired and tired. I had evidence of collage clippings and colors used for my content in PULSE all around my studio, and no energy to clean up. Then, on 21 Secrets Live, Traci Bunkers modeled a refreshing approach that I needed to be reminded of myself... just work with what you have right in front of you, no thinking necessary. Grab it, glue it, paint it, write on it, one beat at a time. Before you know it - Voila! Journal play + no-fuss flow = restorative creative practice. SO GOOD.

I always get a kick out of it when I see so clearly how one creative project I'm part of impresses and feeds another so blatantly, both part of a seamless exchange of expression that moves through me, my heart, my hands, my focus.

Blessed Life, indeed.