Opening Day! {art with wings now available}

Art/print shop now open at  

Behind the scenes, I've been going back and forth about opening a little shop here for some original works. That which has wings is meant to fly after all, and I AM on a bird study kick this year!

After a short-lived vision of making a shop a huge project with plug-ins and coding, and all the glitz and shine, I reminded myself to just keep it simple & sweet. That feels  SOOOO much better to me, and minimizes unnecessary distraction and busywork for this DIY girl!

So for now, available original paintings will be marked with a price next to the title (and purchase instructions) in my 2014 Paintings Gallery RIGHT HERE.

I have to confess, I love the way the page looks displaying those birds next to each other right now - it makes me ready to make more to join the flock!

I also finally found a local, professional printshop + an archival paper and ink through them that I'm super pleased with for reproduction prints. They are absolutely luscious and rich - the way they capture the depth and texture of the mixed media is just yummy!

I tried a Fine Art America shop awhile back - and may use it in the future - but I have to be honest, I missed having the personal contact and being able to add personal touches to what my customers ordered.

So, I decided to re-open my ETSY Shop and made some prints available RIGHT HERE.

Over at Etsy, I include thoughts on each bird's medicine and teachings, too. That has been one of the most enjoyable parts of this study for me: re-familiarizing myself with the traits, wisdom and symbolism of the birds themselves.

It's such an integral part of my process, that anyone who decides to purchase an original will receive a handwritten note from me sharing the messages and prayers from that bird as well.

So there you have it. Nothing fancy, but a wholehearted Hali Karla Arts Opening {May} Day nonetheless!