Pages ~ Forgiveness, Connection


This spread was started at my Creative Healing Circle last week. We were intentionally working with last month's Prayer Art Invitation: Forgiveness. Specifically, self-forgiveness. I began the circle by sharing a few thoughts I had about finding compassion for our self-critic, rather than seeing her as the enemy. Cease the battle, the fight against our inner judgments and accumulated standards and instead choose to let them be, with a little kindness and patience. Choose to reach out {in} toward that unsatisfied, rigid keeper of expectation that is as much a part of who we are in this journey as the kindness, love and shiny parts.

Did you know touch can actually trigger a lowering of cortisol levels (stress hormone), and is often the first gesture to do so? - So, hand to your heart, sweet ones. Compassion rises, stress releases, pause and breathe. Recognize the suffering we place upon ourselves. Instead of fleeing it for positive affirmations and denial, dare to FEEL it. Ask the self-critic if she could soften a bit, thank her for her concern for your safety, security and sense of love. Breathe with her, and feel her tension and concerns dissipate with your attention. Speak to her quietly, lovingly... connect with her, see her, and forgiveness will find you. It may take time. That's OK - the transformation is worth the connection.