Pages ~ Prayer, Regeneration


I must be in a transition of sorts in my practice. I'm in my pages and paints everyday to some degree... but there are longer pauses within, slower gestures. Some are flowing and full, others more... ambiguous. I'm sharing less, and less often (I made this prayer page last month).

I'm a bit word-weary, overall. And have been for some months. Perhaps word-conscious, or energy-conscious is a better way to put it. There's just so much chatter out there - and sometimes I go through these periods where I just don't want to contribute more talk about what this or that really means, or how this way of seeing it or saying it is right for these reasons... 1-2-3.... We place so much emphasis on finding meanings that suit us that it sometimes seems to me that the quantification can become just another distraction from experiencing the meaning that is already right there, pulsing in us, no explanation necessary... waiting for us to just be present to it.

How very Pisces of me. How very non-committal, perhaps, to those who don't know the faith of my heart. It's more than that, though - I sense a heightening of discernment within. A greater peace. A movement toward quality. Kindness. Less external noise and self-induced distraction. Connection that doesn't rely on drama or explanation as thickening agent... but that finds itself HOME in simplicity.

All that to say that my art, my practice is calling me to shed, choose and grow in a way that feels both fresh AND familiar.

In all fairness, it seems an understandable accompaniment to the heart-pouring I'm doing for Spectrum right now. I'm inviting others to eplore what holistic and well-being feels like to them, to discover what their unique creative practice can look like, what integration of their creative truth might mean to how they navigate life... I suppose it makes sense that my own personal practice is going through a re-generation of sorts as well.