paint sketch peek

paint sketches, I don't know what it is, but lately my journals look more like sketchbooks, my sketchbook pages look more like paintings, and my paintings have more of the energetic line and spaciousness of how i sketch. The whole idea of keeping an 'art journal', 'visual journal', 'sketchbook', or even making a 'painting', feels refreshingly distant in the midst of just grabbing what feels good, curious and fresh and just getting to it.

I've been committed to what feels light in my creative practice * - and so, i don't know if the book i carry is a sketchbook or a plan-book, or the altered book i paint in is an art journal or a sketchbook, or if the canvas i'm working on will ever hang on a wall as is the ideal destiny of a so-called painting. Whatever. The free-Spirit of not taking it so seriously feels true and right to my creative energy - and there's so much to discover and feel within the marks, texture and color becoming something i relate with.