Paint Sketches & Trust


"Trust requires no expectation."

That's in one of my journals. I honestly don't remember if someone said it to me, or if it came as part of my own process, organically. But it's a truth that resonates again and again, and offered cause for pause.

My painting practice right now is leaning toward a sketchy feel, a rawness that is calling to be explored. An intimacy I feel shy to fully share just yet, but here's just a few anyhow.

I am exploring the practice of pure spontaneity and inspiration in the mark, the blend, the sounds of being painted effortlessly, with what resides within this space I occupy.

And this... What if it didn't have to look like anything at all? Or be shown to anyone? What if it doesn't have to take more than 5 or 10 or twenty minutes?

Less words, more expression.

Less striving, analysis, formula, system, knee-jerk judgment... more Trust.

What if no one gets it but me? Can I dare to be that courageous and free? To give myself to nuances of curious, loving presence so fully?

What if the depth of the beauty can only be understood in the making, the feeling, and NOT as evidenced by the sum of the parts.

Because we are so much more creative and whole than that sum alone.