Prayer Painting Cloud

Word Cloud created from the 50+ prayers received for this prayer painting currently in progress - wordle creates clouds from themes that emerge (all names have been removed)

I'm still painting the Prayer Painting.
I believe it's almost done,
but I sense there is another session or two until I get that feeling of completion....

One thing I've been learning about my process is that sometimes
it can take me days and days
of coming back to the sitting,
back to the intention,
back to the listening,
to fully receive and allow what wants to be expressed.

Particularly with Prayer Paintings.

It is like dipping in and out of an amazing pool of vital connection,
extending the prayers through committed energy and time.
An act of conscious retreat and emergence.

And it's not just happening in the act of deliberate reflection with the prayers -
It's not just in the actual painting process itself...
I carry with me these prayers and the spirit of those they belong to,
so gently and reverently,
in my life, in my heart, in the day to day moments of living,
while the painting - the mere evidence of my engagement -
sits on the wall and beckons me to witness and respond,
as a willing servant to the creative mystery
and her own sweet timing of gestation.

I see beautiful patterns of the human experience emerging within the unique prayers,
and I am so in awe, always,
at how we are all so driven by the same fundamental core needs,
by how we are all so much more alike than we are different.

That, in fact, beneath the layers of amazing, beautiful diversity,
we are, indeed, One continuous web of heartfelt Being.

I am so grateful, so blessed for the gift of This.

And I can't wait to share this painting with you...