Relative Circles (art journal video!)


I originally thought I would offer my women's virtual creative circle, RELATE, again this August. I knew I wanted to change some important format details this time around (for instance, we will really be committing to our personal, sacred creative practice this time around, in a new way), but I have to be honest - when I recently watched to the videos I made for the course last summer, they just felt so removed from my process right now. For instance, I would choose different words and say things differently in this season than how I did just one year ago... and the approach for the creative practice portion has evolved, too!

Even though it's easier to just re-use previously made content, for something this personal to my own soulwork, I want the guiding foundation to be offered from a fresh and true perspective. That feels most authentic, and the most honest way to hold space for women navigating and excavating their own creative truth and values around relationship and connection. It is, after all, how I would lead a live circle!

So RELATE will run online again this year, and is now tentatively planned for October - which will allow me the time to re-format and re-create some of the content from my current language and perspective. Even with the extra work, this feels very exciting and genuine to me - and I can't wait to see who joins the circle this year!

In the meantime, even though I'm scrapping lots of the previous videos, I am going to share some of the short art-inspiration videos from the previous RELATE every now and then (like the one above), right here on the blog! Might as well!

{First dibs to register for RELATE will go to my mailing list subscribers. You can JOIN HERE}