Seriously? You're a blogger now?

I know, I know, everybody and their sister seems to have some level of blog thing going on. It's becoming a little kitsch really. There are business blogs, mom blogs, artsy blogs, screw the world blogs, let's conspire blogs, all for a cause blogs, techy blogs, educational blogs, naughty blogs, satire blogs, angsty blogs, cooking blogs, looking for validation blogs, many many great blogs, and even more deserted or neglected blogs.
You name it, someone is blogging about it today.
And then there's a whole bunch of us who have made fun of the whole blogging thing.
Dear Blog Readers... today I really felt like... and things aren't going my way because... and my life is just perfect because... and yadda yadda yadda....” They can be a little diary-esque.
I've made fun of them. For sure. :-)
And then I stumbled upon a few along the way that caught my attention, for whatever reason on those given days. And what I find now, is that there is a real beauty in the many possibilities of blogging and internet networking, in general.
What a unique marker of our times – the ability to share our story – anybody – in a publishable to many potential readers kind of way. The ability to share our truths, opinions, life, art and other expressions...
out there, for others to see.
We all have an amazing, unique story to share.
And maybe even the potential to connect with or inspire or incite a spark in others.
Or just keep a timeline tab of our own thoughts, interests, revelations, progress, growth as we evolve and change and discover in this amazing life.
For some, it's a place of setting and monitoring goals. And, I have to say, I see the beautiful potential in this, too. There is something very solidifying about posting a blog – commitment like, really. Even if no one reads it. You know it's there. You've set the stage for yourself. Called "curtain" and you're going out whether you can remember your lines or deliver them right or not. Doesn't matter. The show must go on and this feeling of doing something worthwhile can take over because you feel that familiar vulnerability of being watched. And, you know what? 
That vulnerability is good practice for how you approach the rest of the world. 
And I sense, that there comes a time - if you approach it mindfully and authentically, without letting your fears and inhibitions edit you – there will come a time when it's as if you've stepped outside of yourself because you are so within awareness of yourself, and the universe speaks and moves through you in manifested glimpses of what Is. 
Like any good practice that you stick with.
Like in art and music and hands in the dirt and yoga and ritual and lovemaking.
Because we are all part of that universe. 
Even bloggers.
All just looking for and realizing our place and space in this crazy world.
And that's a beautiful thing.