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In the current Rhythm Session circle, I find myself talking quite a bit to the women about opening ourselves to receive signs in our life. The signs all around us, all the time. The little morsels of wisdom, the sweet synchronicities, that help us move into a deeper relationship with our true nature and expression.

I call these signs "breadcrumbs" sometimes, because they are like patterns - story~rhythms - that bring us into an insightful, and often joyful, experience of our own life, leading us on a trail toward our own truth, vision and sense of connection.

They are everywhere - in nature, in what we read, in the conversations we have, the people we meet, in the ideas that wake us at 3am, and the dreams that came before, in the ones who choose to show up, in the way our body tingles~tenses~softens - and we can play with attracting them to our awareness by setting simple intentions to notice.

Like when you realize something significant about the number 11, for instance, and then 11 seems to pop up all around you in your life, in places you frequent, but never noticed it there before.

Play this way - choose... an animal, an idea, a color, a phrase... and posture your self to receive.

The patterns we see are a Mystery like the rest of it, but within them we often find meaning to release us from the clenches of numbed-out-noise & de-sensitization to the world around us, and move us into organic activation within our own lives... that sense of purpose, wholeness, reason.

Now, don't misunderstand me - there is an intricate place of freedom from meaning, as well, that can be just as potent.

But, if you're like me, the truth lies somewhere inbetween, to varying degrees depending on the day.

Some days, it's the emptiness that fills my hungry soul so deep with spacious quenching.

Some days, it's the signs.



*** The signs in the photos above are being made for my booth at the Southeast Women's Herbalism Conference next weekend. Today is the last day to register online.