Studio Heartbeat (vlog): creative energy cycles, your prime time of day, word of the year

Studio Heartbeat: creative energy cycles, your prime time of day, word of the year (Hali Karla Arts) Trying out our new microphone today, after a cup of coffee (which I rarely drink - feeling zippy!), I thought it would be a good time to do a little studio heartbeat check-in! First one of the year...

Some after thoughts...

As for that creative energy Prime Time of the Day I mention, take note the location of where you were born and how it relates to UTC - that may definitely have an effect. Of course, I can't help but wonder how light plays a role for us, too, with that one - given its effect on our hormones, and thus energy... so maybe it is about time of day where you are, not where you were born. huh. I happen to now live in the same timezone I was born in, so I can't offer much on that one.

I mention Spectrum 2015, because much of my creative energy and attention is flowing into that virtual offering this year. A complete labor of love and I'm so excited - not just to offer my own very special workshop topic this year, but to take part alongside you in the other fantastic workshops from this amazing group of women with diverse talents, interests and wisdom to share with us. The early-bird rate is only for the month of January. Learn more HERE.

If you are declaring your Word of the Year to put energy around it, feel free to declare and share it here in the comments if you like. I'll send a little love toward your intentions.

That upper right picture, which I shared in Instagram earlier this week, is a work-in-progress wall-hanging that the hubby and I started. Salvaged wood parts + a little canvas board painting... I see a wall altar in our future.

Thanks for listening. I enjoy doing these vlogs because they help me stretch. Sometimes my writing transmits a narrow perspective of my personality (and comes across a little deep or serious, at times - what can I say? I contemplate.) - so putting my face in front of the camera and winging it for you from time to time feels like another honest facet and peek into my process - and quarkiness. Just keeping it real over here at Hali Karla Arts.