Sunday Swoon

August Prayer Painting Invitation {Water & Forgiveness}. See the video in the post below.

Something peaceful about Sundays for me now.

Even when I have lots to do.

It wasn't always that way -

Sundays were the dreaded day before heading back to the grind 

when I worked the job(s) where my heart was not.

Shifting that,

and choosing to make a Life,

(not just a living),

has laid a calm blanket over my Sundays.

I can't help but think that this is how it's supposed to feel.

I still work my bootie off

~ maybe even more in some ways ~

just more on terms with the *knowing*

deep down in the center 

of the Whole Me.


The last few Sundays, 

Effy Wild

has been hosting what she calls "Swoon"

over at her site.

Anyone making stuff can link up over there

and easily go see other stuff people have made throughout their week.

Perfect for a little inspiration on a Sunday.