Taking Up Space - Total Alignment invitation 3

This is my painting from the third invitation in the Total Alignment series this week: Energizing. Connie made a beautiful point about the vulnerability - and reluctance and inhibitions - for women when it comes to Taking Up Space. Wow. Even if you don't paint, you ought to watch the video for a little contemplation.... I painted this little dancing being to some funk - James Brown, the Meters, George Clinton.... Just what i needed to get out of my head today.

But, the one above was my second attempt. I first started painting to some old 90s favorites - STP, Red Hot Chili Peppers... then tried a little R&B... Lauryn Hill, Mary J... but i just wasn't shaking the heavy junk that had been clinging to me all day... and so after about 10-15 minutes,

I ended up with this little... i dunno... stiff, clown-redhead blue alien chic... nah, not feeling her. so i thanked her for her time and moved right along to the one above after a little switcher-roo on pandora.

Below is my piece from the second invitation: Balance. I was really pleased with how i felt in the process of this one... a lot of awareness balance was coming into play, so i felt in tune with the practice.