The best prayers I know...


She might not look that different to you.

I know that.

I've been posting progress pics of this one for awhile now.

See, I'm creating her while I move into new territory of holding space and engaging with what it means to create a life from my deepest truths, my deepest devotions... to both serve wholeheartedly and honor my need for my own intimate nourishment.

She's a work in progress. A slow percolator. An archetype of a simpler truth.

So, even though she might not look that different to you this time, I know she is.

There's little bits, little bits of attention to detail and subtlety, little moments of tender marks, intuitively inspired.

I came to her with my deep prayers tonite, prayers that included the visions of my sisters, as I listened to their voices.

The good prayers, the best prayers... they don't change much.

We just meet them again and again, in ourselves and each other.

The change is all internal.

Our job is to make space for it and trust.