The Painted Guru FREE Summit + Lots of Gifts from Amazing Artists

Painted Guru Free Summit I believe it was three years ago now that I started to follow Bebe Butler's dreamy and inspiring art journal work on flickr. I remember being drawn to the intuitive sense of her work mixed with her obvious interest in developing her own voice in her art. So, when I became the Creative Director for 21 SECRETS, she was one of the first artists I knew I had to invite to teach (and she said yes!).

So when I received the invitation from Bebe to be part of her upcoming summit, and learned of her vision behind it - it was an easy yes.

Bebe invited me to an interview for this online event designed to nurture creatives worldwide. It’s called: “The Painted Guru…Discover How Art Can Heal the Heart, Inspire the Soul and Soothe the Mind”.

Each of the artists that are part of the summit have put together some sort of gift or special offering for participants as well - you won't want to miss out on those gifts - let alone the interview series. Putting artist interviews on while I paint is one of my personal favorite things to do.

In fact, I am in the midst of putting finishing touches on a brand new FREE Holistic-Creative Journaling workshop, called 7 directions.

It's a little something I've been thinking about for awhile, and this summit inspired me to finally get-to-it and get it out to you.  (If you are on my mailing list - you will get access the day it opens!)

But the best news?  You get to attend Bebe's entire online event AND receive access to a bunch of great gifts from all of the artists all for FREE - by signing up at the link below!

Here's what Bebe shares about this beautiful gathering of artists to inspire your creativity...

What you’ll learn and receive from this amazing band of artists:

  • How to discover your voice and feel authentic in your expression.
  • How to create intuitively and honestly to awaken freedom on the canvas and in life.
  • How to use life stories as well as imagery and symbols in your creations.
  • You’ll hear stories that will speak to where you are and point to where you’re going as an artist.
  • You’ll learn you’re not alone in the ups and down of the creative life and will discover the benefits of making bad art and the secrets of passing through the rough patches.

If you’ve been longing to commune with other creatives and take your art to a new level, this is your chance. For 21 days, an amazing band of artists will inspire you with their insights, creative tips and stories. This will change the way you create!

This online event is FREE. Say yes to your creative life and click on the link below to sign up for “The Painted Guru”::

The summit starts June 11 - and is sure to be a treat for your holistic-creative self... body, mind, heart and soul.

I look forward to 'seeing' you there.