the place love shows up {new collective prayer painting}

prayer painting process pic, Hali Karla It feels like a long time since I shared a collective prayer painting video.

As always, it's a tender glimpse of my heart and practice, home-made with love. Prayer painting is a practice of vulnerability and truth, healing and joy. It is both a way of tapping into connection and the playfulness of expression.

This one is for the women who have traveled through RELATE with one another this fall, strengthening our sense of a global sisterhood through thoughtful intention, attention to self-truth and creative ways of being with one another - if even simply in our hearts.

And it's also for you - and every prayer you hold, tend, and release in this season.


Thank you for your presence and witness.


prayer painting, created with prayers from women around the world, click through for video, Hali Karla Arts