The Sound of Gratitude

I am overwhelmed today with gratitude for this:

My great Grandma's piano is actually in my home, thanks to my uncle. This was the piano she played when i was a little girl. It always sat in her livingroom and she was often accompanied by parakeets.  She'd play, she'd get me to play with her on her organ, we'd eat some canteloupe or an eskimo pie or circus peanuts, and look at the wild birds out her back window. She was the first to give me the gift of music. And she was amazing - she could play entirely by ear - ragtime, blues, boogie woogie, gospel, hymns... someone would play the first few licks, then she'd tickle the keys all the way up the keyboard with her fingertips... and then she'd jump right in as if she knew the song her whole life. She was that good. It was her greatest joy and her most intimate lover. And I truly believe that when she couldn't play anymore, that was when she gave up. As it is for many lifetime romances.

Having her piano in my home where i can sit for a minute or twenty or sixty... it's like a prophecy in my life that was always meant to be filled. The feeling in me when I look at it as I pass by is THAT strong. And sometimes, when i play, i can smell the perfume my grandma wore as if she's sitting there, smiling upon me, listening. I believe she is.

So grateful. So blessed.


In an act of intentional daily gratitude, i keep a gratitude journal by my bed. Each night, i write at least 5 things from that day that i am thankful for. i've done this for several years now, and i can say it is a big part of the positive transformational shift inside myself. trust me, some days can be hard. but mostly, i lay down feeling full and blessed. a few weeks ago, i stumbled upon a site called Inner Voices, which is a blog from a woman who is also an artist, where she shares her art and her heart as she tries to approach her life and find her own peaceful way, like the rest of us. She began an online practice called Gratitude Fridays, where she reflects upon her week and invites others to join her in a posting of gratitude on Fridays. This is my first - a day late! - but better late than never, because after all, every day is worthy of our gratitude.