Waters of Exchange


I've lived the truth of that quote on both sides. Giver and receiver of insight offered with poor timing. I'm sure I'll play both roles again a time or two. We mean well, we get excited when we see connections and patterns or make associations, AND we have blindspots to ourselves - and sometimes to meeting someone where they are. We're all moving at our own pace and rhythm of seeing, being and transforming.

Then there's those other moments - when, if we are able to move through our moments in a posture of openness, we find ourselves curious about insights offered. Regardless of whether or not we assimilate them into our own truth or course of action - we are able to tuck them into our spectrum of awareness as possibility, and even simultaneously true despite any contrasting view we carry. An OPEN posture toward our relationships offers trust in the beauty of diverse insight; trust in the exploration of ways of seeing not our own; trust in one another as a valuable part and reflection of a wholeness that we, too, belong to.

The simple act of graciously receiving an insight can be an act of service, and a gesture that ignites connection - just as potent as knowing when to comfort with silence, space and honor for another's process.

Blessings to you as we all swim through these waters of exchange.