Who We Are Becoming

"When you look at an object,
it's the Universe looking at itself
through [your] eyes."

~ Deepak Chopra ~

I cross paths with people everyday
who don't 'get' have forgotten
the simple, amazingly profound truth
presented so sweetly in the video above.

They have forgotten the wisdom they were born with,
The driving energy of their own life force.

And that's not even the worst of it.

The worst part, to me,
is that they aren't even aware
that they have forgotten.

They just feel empty.
Stuck. Searching. Desperate.
Bored. Unimpressed. Pissed.
Often on a constant rollercoaster of Acquire -> Elate -> Plummet -> Wallow -> Seek -> Repeat...
And so very, very tired of feeling
Trapped. Fake. Hopeless. Hard.
Despite adhering themselves to the various happy-formulas the best they know how.

They blame themselves. [not good enough]
They blame events. [if only this happened... if only that didn't happen... ]
They blame the world. [there's nothing i can do]
They blame time. [I don't have enough... mine is up... later...]

They keep looking outside themselves
for the missing link of possibility realized,
for the magic fix,
for the perfect fit,
for the peace their cells thirst for.

I've been there.
I had forgotten, too...
and looked so hard for the awe I'd misplaced
in unhealthy relationships, jobs, books, churches, teachers, life events, stuff....

Thankfully, my amnesia lasted ever so briefly...

And then I remembered.
This simple truth.
I knew it as a girl
when I touched a tree, felt the earth,
kissed my mom, drew a picture,
wrote a poem, played piano,
or otherwise got myself blissfully lost
in a timeless state of experiencing myself.

I knew it when I didn't think to look anywhere
but to the moment of my life
that reflected my own energy back at me
from every magnificent thing
in the world around me,
in the world of me
in the world becoming.

I knew it when I had this thought, clear and without question, as a child:
"That frog is God. God is that frog. I am that, too."
I *knew*.

I didn't need the formula.
It was in the ancient wisdom of my cells,

coded in vibration since the beginning of our time:
I am You are Me are We are All That Is.

We Are
the divinity
we seek
when we forget
our own sacred contract
with creation and expansion,
when we forget
this energetic truth
of the space we share.

As we remember, "I am that, too,"
we begin again
the spiral spin
toward who we are becoming.

always with love,