Writing Down the Bones

more than a whisper by LilyWheel Slide
art journal play,  freeform style, meditation on allowing my voice to surface


So I'm reading a fantastic book by Natalie Goldberg - Writing Down the Bones - mostly about writing as a sort of zen practice for living in more awareness, which only improves your writing, etc.. Of course, the big-picture kinda gal i am is eating it up for all of its relativity to art and music and creation and how we do anything in this world, really....
But after i wrote my post below the other night, I went inside and read 2 short chapters that were so right in sync with what i was trying to express, in my usual longwinded way of finding the meaning with a palette limited to the unorganized word color of our language. so my post is a little bit everywhere (like me and my life right now), but here are 2 sentences from her book that resonate so deeply with my intent and search:
"The closer we can get to what's in front of our nose, the more it can teach us everything."

"...we should always concentrate, not by blocking out the world, but by allowing it all to exist. This is a very tricky balance." Well said, Natalie. Miigwetch (thank you) .

So i've been marinading on this, and on letting my voice out creatively again, the one that's been buried, hidden, playing second fiddle, forgotten, fearful, uncertain, sleepy-eyed and desperately in need of a stretch and throat-clearing "a-hem"... and the image above is a little ditty on the awkward beauty of letting that surface some. 
and this fabulously, somehow perfect song came on while i was adding the final touches to her:
 felt good. love it. ♥