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When my creative flow stalls a bit, I need some inspiration to get my mojo back… can you relate? We all experience this from time to time.

Make Create Express is designed to reinvigorate and inspire your mixed-media Creative Practice, and teach you some new techniques and processes along the way.

I’ll be one of the 27 teachers contributing this year. You can learn more about my lessons below, and be sure to check out the stellar line-up of teachers, too!

Personally, I’m looking forward to taking part in the other lessons myself, and learning a few new tricks - or remembering those I’ve forgotten - to add to my creative bag of goodness this year.

And if you want to keep the creative momentum going you can join us for the ongoing yearlong Make Create Express workshop, where you will receive 27+ more lessons.

Want in on the Creative Journey?

“This workshop is for anyone who creates or feels the desire to create, who wishes to be inspired, who wishes to explore with curiosity, who wants to play in the field of possibilities and dance with the muses and their brilliance. This is for you brilliant creative soul.” - MCE hostess, Galia Alena

Check Out this Line-Up of Teachers:

Make Create Express begins with a FREE Creative retreat weekend packed with lessons from 27 art teachers - Join Us

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My workshop Lessons include…



The way we see shapes how we inhabit, engage, hold and give life to the environments, stories and relationships that, in turn, shape us. The same can be applied to how we enter the worlds of our Creative Practice. Is there a greater, more infinite muse than Nature herself to keep a Creative Practice sustained and growing in all the seasons of life? She nourishes our bodies, delights our senses, contains worlds within worlds that speak to all life’s cycles and dynamics. Whether we are able to venture outdoors much or not, she is available and ready to induce wonder for the willing. Through several invitations and techniques, we will (re)connect and activate ways of discerning elements and demystifying layers that give shape to landscape environments and point to possibilities for our process. These approaches can be applied to all subject matter, style explorations and visual creations.

LandShapes contains four guided mixed-media activities that lead us into this additional full lesson, which blends what we practiced with our more spontaneous, intuitive expression in this lesson:



Playing with ideas from our LandShapes exercises, we will open the gates of possibilities and see what happens when our intuitive, imaginative sense mingles with how and what we see. Where will our natural muse take us when we have no destination in mind? What are we carrying with us? What lands will form beneath our brushes to meet us? How might we feed it and care for it? Dive into its depths and celebrate its seeds of delight? Who - or what - might show up from within - familiar or unexpected?

We will create a DreamScape painting together (or art journal spread - you choose), from start to finish. No two worlds will be the same, and I will share with you process musings and prompts to navigate this mixed-media exploration, unique to your inner landscape, dreaming itself into being.