A Creative Practice Reflection Collection workbook with audios inspired by archetypes, needs and instincts we all carry within, from Hali Karla Arts.


A Creative Practice Reflection Collection (with workbook)

Inspired by archetypes, needs and instincts we all carry within, this audio collection offers guided reflections and prompts (via short audios or video) for your creative practice and journey of self-discovery.

Each short audio reflection is intended to encourage conscious centering in your dynamic truth and the mystery of creative spirit moving through your life experience and awareness.

My hope is the reflections will offer you a time and space for a little meaningful reflection, peace of mind, truth-telling, revitalization, and your sense of connection to what is sacred to your soul-care journey... and maybe even shine some insight and clarity into navigating the practicalities of life, from that space, with room for your whole heart and soul to be and breathe.

Creative Practice with reflections on archetypes, instincts and needs we all carry… inspired by the symbolism of the astrological celestial bodies.

Each daily prompt and invitation is inspired by the timeless wisdom that the core celestial “planets” in the astrological language point to. (See a list of themes below.)

No art or astrology experience is necessary to enjoy and participate.

You don't even have to know if you 'believe' in astrology... because we will simply be using its rich, symbolism to catalyze and access our deeper creative insights and awareness.

If you do know a bit about astrology, this collection is a chance to connect again with the intuitive and personal side of planetary symbolism - with a beginner's mind - for a personally meaningful practice exploring the creative life-cycles you are currently inhabiting and navigating.

Soulshine Creative Practice Reflection Collection downloadable workbook with reflective audios and prompts for your Creative Practice with Hali Karla Arts


SoulSHINE is now delivered via a guided, interactive PDF workbook you can download to keep, and print if you choose.

There is space in the 53 pages for your reflection prompt responses, plus links to the videos and 13 downloadable mp3 audio reflections, for your convenience.

Enjoy your workbook on your device instantly or print it out - whichever way you prefer to engage for your practice.

handmade creative practice art journal for reflection, Hali Karla

round mixed-media cards made for SoulSHINE Reflective Creative Practice with Hali Karla Arts

Several ideas for how to approach the 14 core Creative Practice invitations will be included…

SoulShine makes a great 14 day practice, but you can enjoy it at your own pace.

Or, you can easily integrate the reflections into a current practice you keep - or one you've been wanting to try. Journaling will be the active methods emphasized - this can be written, visual/art, or a combination.

You are encouraged to make the reflection, pace and practice your own, in a way that feels nourishing - not draining - in this season of your life!



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SOULShine Content & Reflection Themes

Welcome & Introduction
Preparing for your Reflections & Choosing Your (Creative) Practice
1 :: Connection, Cosmos & Right Timing (What Your Soul Wants)
2 :: Rise, Shine & Ways of Seeing (On Rising, Beginngings & Impressions)
3 :: Blinding, Becoming, Shining Bright (Finding Your Center)
4 :: Mother & Child - a journey within (What Your Soul Needs)
5 :: Perception + Expression + Exchange (Trusting YOUR Language)
6 :: Beloved, Be Loving (To Fall In Love)
7 :: Desire, Courage & Energy (Your Creative Passion, Fears & Fire)
8 :: Taking Up Space (How We Hold Ourselves Back, How We Lift Ourselves Up)
9 :: Keeping It Real (How Your Soul Works)
10 :: Liberating Your Soul’s Genius (Lighting the Spark of Your Soul)
11 :: Beyond What I Feel, Beyond What I Thought (Finding Your Spirit in Form)
12 :: Burning & Rising: Your Soul’s Phoenix (Shadow, Power & Transformation)
13 :: Making (your) Medicine (The Artist-Healer Within)
14 :: Shine On - In Closing (Making the Connections)