Worth Kneeling To

spiritual alchemist

spiritual alchemist

This painting stayed true to herself from the start.

             (are we ever anything but that, I wonder? maybe we just get lost in thinking we are lost somehow...)

What I mean, though, is that she remained clear in her energy from the start, when I first set my intention. Mostly unchanging, just waiting to come forth. Even the words didn't disappear into layers, but became clearer. That isn't how my process always looks, trust me.

This is one of my FEARLESS paintings, created as part of our first Segment in IGNITE. It is an exploration of how we express and evoke Greatness in the world through an archetype that resonates with us.

Carolyn Myss has some interesting insights about the Alchemist that rose up in me, from my studies in the past, while I reflected through this process... ones that appeal deeply to the part of me that is called to both the creative spiritual arts and the healing/helping arts. Revisiting them in this way was somehow like a cleanse.

Like these...

THIS thought actually equals THAT amount of force/impact in physicality.

Holding onto history has cellular impact.

Managing my thoughts in the present can change my relationship to time and space (and thus, effect healing).

Where am I in relationship to my self and living a loving life?

How much power does, or do I allow, the outside world to have on me?

Mostly, I realized how potently this archetype has shown up in the very nature of my curiosities and magnetism my whole life. I am drawn - to the beautiful marriage of the mysteries of the natural universe to the realm of spirit, empowerment and transformation - like a bee is to pollen.

What I love deeply about this painting is her confident nakedness to where she is, and her posture - knees kissing the earth, arms raised in reverence of the light-life-orb she displays.

Kneeling is big for me - an integration of posture in my life that I take for granted, but adore. I kneel in the shower, in the morning, when I play my flute, on my woodwalks, when loving on my pets, when listening deeply to another, in my garden, in the arbor where I have danced, in sweat lodges, for relief to an aching back... it is also how I pray when posture is involved and prayer is most intimate.

And when I'm not standing or dancing about, my favorite posture for painting and creating is kneeling... it just comes naturally to me. I kneel when the process quiets and gets more still. I kneel to gaze at the art being born and listen attentively, deeper, more open - for what it needs, for what I need.

This process is a stronger metaphor and mirror for me every time I show up to it. It keeps me aware of the Love in myself.

It has proven to me that deepening the willful discipline of present-minded practice and surrender, with greater frequency and commitment - and, thus, receiving the gift of experiencing the alchemy and wonder of life - transforms it from an external idea or routine of practice back into an interwoven, effortless part of my creative being.

I believe this is how we came. With belonging, confidence, clarity and love. And these are the Greatnesses we long to reveal and empower, within and without. That longing is worth kneeling to.

alchemist detail

alchemist detail

alchemist detail

alchemist detail