21 Secrets


To hold, to share, to discover, to celebrate, to claim, to release, to experience.

Art journaling is like a doorway into YOU. If you do it already, you know exactly what I mean. If you're curious, don't resist. If you think I'm full of it, I dare you to try.

It is FUN!!! It is inspiring. It is an excellent way to learn technique and try things out.

It can heal.

It is transformative.

If you show up to it and participate.

And the best thing about 21 Secrets is that it is a journey you can share - or take from the sidelines as you witness others.

You get to choose.


Oh yeah - I'm teaching this year!! So I get to lead you through some exploration dear to my heart, and journey with you through the other twenty amazing classes.

I can't wait to see you there!!

Check out the class descriptions and register by clicking HERE!

My class...??? Here it is:


We are told, practically from the start, that there is a difference between our Imagination and Reality... and so we begin early on to separate one from the other in our perceptions and decisions. This serves a useful purpose much of the time, but it also denies one very important truth that you knew, inherently, as a child: Your Imagination is potently Real - and can be either a sneaky trickster (when left caged and uncelebrated) or an insightful friend whispering of your deepest truths, joy and potential. Leaving behind the shores of rationalization, judgment and planning, you will embark upon an art-journaling journey into a gorgeous sea of mysterious associations, questions and answers. These treasures, uniquely yours, will reveal themselves along the way, as you trust and follow the spontaneous navigation of your rich Imagination, honoring its awe- inspiring power to connect you to what's Real: Sacred You!