2013 Agreement


In choosing a softer approach to life lately, as a moment to moment practice of gratitude for what is, I wasn't intending to set any resolutions or declare a word for 2013.

Then the other night, as I lay in bed dozing off, somewhere between my busy wakeful mind and the sweet slumber of dreaming, a word chose me...

well actually, it was one word, quite loudly ~ P E A C E ~

followed by a sort of contract or agreement on how to stay on path with that ultimate goal (the rest of the words above, as they appear).

I've learned that the voice that speaks to me from that state of consciousness is a very good one to listen closely to - so I turned on the light and wrote down exactly what I heard as quick as I could, so as not to forget.

Truthfully, I probably would've chosen something a little more wild or fun or intriguing if I'd let my mind have at it, but this one feels right, through and through, deep down in my bones.

And the 'agreement' feels kind of like my map to peacefulness, in these initial impressions.

The goal ~ PEACE ~ a declaration of surrender to a will higher than my own - one to keep coming back to, an ultimate truth for living in the present.

The mission ~ Energize Love ~ the motivation of my heart for all interactions - a practice in and of itself. Our greatest essence and medicine.

The method ~ Communion, Practice ~ how the energy can be empowered and channeled through me into a positive impression on my life those I interact with, and a reminder that wholehearted participation is of the utmost importance.

The mediums ~ Art & Prayer ~  (yay!) painting, writing, music, prayer, Life - the tools for building the muscles of the method and yielding greater effect. My beloved pipelines to Source and connection.

The posture (I have to confess, I love this idea) - in other words, how can I brace myself for receiving and allowing this more fully in my life? How can I best hold myself for this journey, to receive fully its gifts that they might empower my own for service and joy? ~ wide Open trust ~ of course.

As I type this, even tonite, I wonder what other way there could possibly be toward experiencing a sense of Peace - at least for me. I've already learned that these intentions, when integrated into daily living, bring to the surface the greatest sense of peace and purpose I've known thus far.

This whisper for 2013 really just felt like an invitation to go deeper into my truth and practice, and more fully into my Joy.

How could I not agree?