It Will Find You


I had a lot of fun making this video - setting a date with myself, face-painting to great music, shooting photos out in nature, and then trying on every filter known to photoshop just for curiosity's sake and giggles. It surprised me how much fun I enjoyed the whole thing, to be perfectly honest.

The video is a direct response to an invitation to create a Sacred Art mask celebrating and honoring the power of my greatness.

That's a big invitation to contemplate, trust me. And it came to us after a sequence of other Sacred Art projects and lots of content, discussion and reflection. In other words, it wasn't just thrown our way with no working up to it.  We never would have felt the full impact and potential. And, I can say with certainty, that it is a process that has led me into clearer, deeper waters - a pool I intend to visit and revisit, like going to the river to cleanse and commune with sweet nature.

For me, it clarified, intensely, that Sacred Art is absolutely, fundamentally, undoubtedly about the experience for me. I can't just make Sacred Art, as in an object, a finished piece, a completed piece of imagery that I label "sacred."

Sacred is woven into the moments of the making, into the way I show up.

Or rather, in the moments inbetween the actions and thoughts, where pure energetic connection lies, always, just waiting - not even so much for my attention - but for me to let go into the moment of experiencing spontaneous creation, simpler creativity, softer participation, and the sweet, slow unfolding of living art.

Waiting, for me

Waiting, for you, to just OPEN up to the process.

Sometimes it comes as joy, sometimes as tears streaming, sometimes as revitalized re-filled energy and primal knowing.

I don't pretend to know exactly what it is, or to have the perfect words to tell you what to look for or how to get there.

I just know that it is potent. It pulses with LOVE.

It is timeless and inspiring, and it feels really really good - even when it's hard -because it is empowering to my experience of what it means to be a living, breathing, conscious spirit.

And what I'm learning over and over, is that we don't have to look for the sacred so hard... because it's found, simply & purely, in showing up to the practice of opening our hearts wide.

And if you open your heart, the Sacred will find you.