24 ways of loving color, color, color in your art journal!


24 ways of exploring color, Color, COLOR! come art journal with us - 21 SECRETS Fall 2016 (I'm returning to teaching in this one!) oh, color... *swoon*

So here's the thing... Connie over at DFS just won't let me leave 21 SECRETS.

Back story: I had the pleasure of being the 21 SECRETS creative director for Connie for two years, and then after I made the tough decision to leave the position, she went and asked me to hang around long enough to teach for this fall's special edition... on color.

COLOR?! Of course I said yes! Have you seen my art love of color? I love color. Like I want to eat color. (yeah, i was one of those kids - aren't all artists?)

I also love making a mess of color. Exploring it with little planning, wild abandon, breaking the 'rules', pushing my edge with it, and pulling forth the innuendos of beauty and magic from a palette of chaos and layers of curious paint smooshing.

... that may be one of the truest descriptions I've shared on how I most often approach my own art journal pages.

I make a mess. And stick with it. And along the way something... unexpected happens. In spite of me and all my mind's chatter.

Color carries us away into other worlds and delight, don't you think? I get happy just thinking about it....

SO here's the thing:

I'm teaching a new class in 21 SECRETS!  I had *so* much fun making, and it walks through 4 art journal spreads, with invitations and insight into getting experimental and free with color... and sticking with it to the moment of magic on a page.


Feeling a little bleary about color theory? Are you sick of the color 'rules,' but afraid of making a muddy brown mess on the page if you don't stick to them?

Maybe you've just never had a... conventional or careful approach, or don't like being told 'how' to play with color.

We're going to dive in to these waters, trudge up the sludge and splash around making mud on the page. We'll use a variety of mixed-media supplies for our mess-making experiments.

Then we'll explore some ways for turning that fertile ground into pure, colorful art-journaling magic.


Here's a couple sneak peek shots from my process in making Make A Mess MAGIC...

aug15-21SmirrorwithLogo aug16-21Sdetail2


There are 13 videos in my workshop alone, and if you join us - you will get 23 other workshops on color, too!

That is - 24 different ways of loving Color, Color, Color in your art journal - from 24 teachers

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The workshop pdf will be sent to all participants on September 26 and there's a supportive and active facebook group to connect and share with others, as well.


Now - don't you want to know who the other 23 amazing teachers are??? 

And the details of the 24 ways you can play and learn about color, color, color in your art journal with 21 SECRETS, too?

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Fall_ Collage2


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