eARTh Medicine :: a walk in the dark

courage, focus, walk - Hali Karla Arts

The single, greatest teacher of Courage is Mama Earth herself.

Resiliency, Vulnerability, Strength, Transformation To do that which is right for us, that which we have to, despite the possibility of loss or harm

She, and all of Nature, model the amalgamation of these gifts to us everywhere we turn.

To do so with fierce grace To courageously tell the story of who and what we are by LIVING it, even in the face of fear

What I love about Nature, is that she reminds us that fear only holds power over us when we give it our attention and energy, and every time we choose to re-direct our focus toward the beauty of our mysterious truth and organic, inner knowing, everytime, we grow... stronger, wiser, more resilient than our minds often allows us to believe we can be.

We grow into that which already exists within us, waiting to be awakened, activated and honored.

We are working with the sacred teaching of Courage right now in RELATE. 25 women from around the world are bringing intentional moments of prayer and reflection to their creative practice - each with their own sacred making of what this means. It is an honor to hold space and collectively raise energy beside them in this way.

When I create from a place of conscious contemplation and relationship - it seems to be inevitable that I crave communion with Mother Earth to supplement my exploration and discovery.

It is our Nature to grow, create and evolve, to hope, heal and thrive. To do so with grace, I believe we must partner with our Nature - that which is in us, of us, all around us.

I cannot teach or tell you what a relationship with Mother Earth will feel like for you... that is between you and Her.

But I will say that it is soulwork Medicine, undoubtedly, and that Courage and resolve are part of it.

So what I offer you today is a simple invitation to take a Silent Walk and commune with Nature around you sometime this week. You can do this right in your yard, around your block, or even better yet - take a short trip to an uncrowded, secluded space or trail. Try this first thing in the morning, or in the dark of the night - these are potent times, when our worlds and minds are quieter and our bodies more receptive to the mysteries.

Walk with soft eyes, quiet thoughts, open heart. Walk slower than your usual pace... deliberate with each step.

Imagine this space, this time, as a temple with the potential to call forth the ringing of your deepest truth.

Notice how She responds to you. How you respond to Her. Breathe with Her. Breathe these moments as if they were your last meal, noticing every texture, color, smell, sound, rhythm... this is how Nature greets and communicates with you.

If it helps to quiet your mind, name that which you see...

...leaf, twig, stone, bug, moth, cloud, squirrel, dirt, tree, moss...

Perhaps, reach out and touch it as if you've never seen it before. You might find that you never really have.

Follow your intuition. Feel. Listen.

Nature Speaks a language you know deep beyond words.

Meet Her and take the walk.

Thank you to those of you walking with me through RELATE this year. We made a donation to Tree Sisters this week from your investment in your practice!