A Peek in my new Book of Stars Journal

Here's a little peek at playing symbolically with something called the Primal Triad in my Book of Stars journal, with a printable design for my In The Stars participants.

The triad is like a little whisper from {Creator} to each of us, spoken through the nature of the cycles of the cosmos, like loving resonance in a moment of time, that says... "I see You and your radiant essence, the heartbeat of your soul and your most vulnerable needs, and all the ways you uniquely 'suit up' to show up, strong and true and growing in the terrain of your life and experiences."

In astrology-speak, it has to do with our Sun, Moon and Rising Signs forming a sort of core, starting point - for more layers of messages from our chart (and life) to center around... the kind that breathe inspiration into our cells, our sense of possibility, and our conviction to choose trust and courage in the unfolding, unknown journey of life.

(In case you're wondering, a 'Book of Stars' is a journal some of us are making and keeping, in our IN THE STARS journey - it is specifically for exploring our personal birth chart messages with symbols, notes, journaling and colorful creative practice.)