Art Every Day Month 6-10

Tonite I hear my name on the cool wind's spirit, a moonkiss to my cheek, and I am grateful.
11-6-11. Life Shift. Digital mandala play from original photo of autumn leaves.
I have felt weary achy sensations in my muscles and gut from a week full of busylife syndromes, but have given myself permission to slow down into a more natural pulse - and my body has responded with release easing calm.
11-7-11. Ink sketch, hali old school style.
Though I didn't see how I could make the time, I did, carving out moments each day to be with creative expression... writing, drawing, talking with other creatives, helping shape the creative energy flow in our life into a greater way of living...
11-8-11. helped Steve prep some of his artwork for a new gallery he's in.
... and each day so far has been richer simply for the intentional connection to art expression.
11-9-11. chalk and oil pastel sketch.
As I come back to art, daily, as a practice in attention, willful effort and trust, there are silent truths and insights that meet me there in that vibration - quiet metaphors whispering in the line, color and shape of the artsketch before me.
11-10-11. Fearless painting exercise
It is a good practice, and the more I practice, the better I listen.
Like listening to a moonkiss to my cheek.

And I am grateful.

~h (11/10/11)