Art Every Day Month ~ I'm In

I've joined in for the annual Art Every Day Month challenge this year, for the month of November. I've decided to simply honor the beauty of letting go of daily life enough to just be creative every day as my personal commitment. So, if that means intuitive painting, photos, mandalas, writing for my class, art journaling, making a gift, playing music - for me, those expressions all qualify as long as I reach the feeling of Letting Go and a sense of connection in the process.

11-1-11. I made my own strand of prayer beads for meditation.

These are the creative art joys of my life, and just in doing them as a practice, I am living a happier, more centered and true existence, moving closer in to the core of who I am, and expanding my place in the world from there.

11-2-11. Painted on one of my photo mandalas.

So for this year my AEDM commitment is a celebration of the magic that can unfold simply by inviting that awareness into my daily intentions.

11-3-11. Started an intuitive painting for DEEP and a video to go along.

And I'll keep a little log here, maybe every 5-6 days, through the month.

11-4-11. Played music with Steve and some friends at an art gallery reception. Wasn't gonna go - so glad I did!
11-5-11. worked on painting for DEEP (this is a detail). making a video, too... :)

I think I'll make a point to share another participant's AEDM efforts here with my posts as well.

Like Beth, over at Epiphany Art Studio - she took these photos this week of the first frost where she is, and they are just magical - which is exactly what she calls them... Here's one:

By Beth at Epiphany Art Studio

Now I'm heading to my studio...