Art Heals day 10 :: Raw Body


The day I made this page I had spent some time perusing old body image books and anatomy notes.

I actually sat down with my journal thinking I would draw a classical style figure for practice, but I just couldn't get these old medical drawings out of my mind - or all the strange text that accompanied them.

Like that quote at the top of my writing... leading me into a contemplative dance about what beauty is, as form, as ideal, in spirit, expressed, repressed, lost and found, implicit, infinite, personal, ever-changing....

I let that contemplation flow in a quick stream of words that led me to a taste of my truth.

Be in your Body. In all of its raw strangeness and infinite, imperfect beauty.

Watch it shift before your very life, with awe and wonder for its many mechanics, techniques and miracles, for all the moments it meets your expectations, and all the moments it doesn't.

Kind of like the creative process and making art, eh?

"Be in your Body.

Embody your Art."


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