Art Heals day 8 :: This Is What Matters

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There's something about sitting down for just a few minutes and doing a contour drawing of my own face, reflected back to me in a mirror, that can bring me right into the center of how I am.

We use mirrors mostly to assess, primp, fix, check on, modify, tend...

and rarely to just SEE our self, in the flesh of the moment,

letting our eyes trace the lines and textures like we might when looking at a lover - knowing that lying within is the precious spirit of one we connect with and adore.

Last night, after a busy day, I let my process be this simple. Just ten minutes of sitting with the Prayer Art Invitation and my self.

Can you let your self be the object of your own connection and practice for a few moments?

Can you take a few moments to SEE, beyond what you see, into how you are?

If you're note sure how, just try. Look at your face and draw - not picking up your pen from the page until you are complete with the looking. With no concern for the marks, just keep moving. Commit to the process of seeing, feeling and letting it flow to the page however it will.

I do not know exactly what healing is, but there is healing in this...


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