Art Heals day 24 :: Why Wait


There is an order to life, an order of divine chaos and rhythmic exchange, it seems - despite our best efforts to make solid, formulaic knowledge of it all.

Because we are clever and willful, it speaks to us in paradox and surprise, impulse and sensation.

Sometimes it is resistance, sometimes it is desire. Both are compasses, I find... directions, if you will.

Resistance slows down motion,

while Desire --> rooted in: of the stars <--  directly fuels our momentum...

Resistance may even be desire in a sneaky facade, who knows? The desire to be, as is.

Either way you spin it, both are fundamental to creativity and healing.

Both serve our whole truth and purpose.

There is transformation and expression in stillness AND movement.

The question is, What do the stars say to your beloved heart today - Sit awhile and gaze, or Come this way?

Whatever the answer, as sweet Hafiz reminds,

Why Wait?


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