Art Heals day 25 :: Art, Healthcare and Advocacy

Jacket painted by Regina Holliday in honor of THIS STORY


If you do not know about the complexities of patient data access in our healthcare system - well, it's only a matter of time until it touches your life in one way, shape or form.

It is a complex labyrinth of red tape and protocols dictated by the threat of 'liability' so strongly that it seems to often forget there is a real person, with a family, behind all of that data.

This is a vastly huge topic, and you may be wondering how this relates to Art and Healing per se.

For that answer I will refer you to the inspiring mission of mother, widow and artist, Regina Holliday, creator of The Walking Gallery of Healthcare and a visionary advocate for the patient's voice in our medical system - a woman whose work, life and art have found cohesion on a mission to heal a fragmented, inadequate model that failed her own family.

She speaks her story, documents and honors the stories of others, gathers people together, and paints live at medical conferences to spread her vision and evoke awareness and change.

This video could be described as her why:


I love this next clip, too, because you get a sense of the power of her passion and creative vision at the conferences she attends...

And this one speaks about the Walking Gallery specifically...


What inspires me so much is how she combined a deeply tragic part of her life with the creative gifts she already possessed, to energize awareness for real change.

You can read more about Regina's powerful work HERE.



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