Art Heals day 3 :: An Art and Healing Exhibition



This video offers an insightful glimpse into real accounts of the healing power of art as therapy.

The description of this project, by Art Therapy 4 All, reads:

The exhibition reflects upon the healing properties of creativity and the positive impact art therapy can have on mental and physical health. It demonstrates the use of the creative process to improve emotional and physical wellbeing.

Creative expression simply has the power to open us up to our experience and perspective in ways that talk therapy alone cannot.

It helps us see, process, express and re-arrange our 'stuff' - the patterns of behavior and thinking that we carry, our challenges, our dreams, our grievances.

It is a safe space to get it all out without having to explain yourself - with just pure presence in what is - honoring our WHOLE experience of life or dis-ease - mind, body, spirit, dream, soul, imagination....

Through art we allow ourselves to embody our expressions as we move the paint or pen, form the clay, create the dance, sing the song. And when we allow ourselves to embody expression - and not just think it up, our very cells begin to develop relationship and memory with the freedom and release that naturally comes about in that expression.

To allow that which is within us to flow forth organically, uninhibited, no matter how strange it may seem - is pure participation in the natural ways of life energy. It brings relief, comfort, hope, ease to otherwise difficult transformations. And we are always transforming - so we might as well participate in ways that nurture this process of healing, right?

So when you can't find the words, choose your creativity - choose your self-expression. If necessary, the words will come in right timing.

Sometimes, though, no words are needed at all. A sense of connection and flow runs so much deeper than words.