Art Heals day 7 :: Creating Rituals of Healing

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There is so much more to Art than the stuff we make, and so much more to Healing than evidenced-based health science or some destination of idealized condition waiting for us to arrive.

Beyond the accumulation of that stuff and knowledge - before it and after it, in spite of it, within it - there is The Mystery.

And in the Mystery...

The healing power of art.

Art as life. Life as sacred and ritual and ever-changing.

The dynamic flow that has no concern over our illusions of control.

Accessible only through a deeper wisdom - the wisdom of surrender and listening within to the truth of your experience.

The wisdom that comes from participating and creating relationship with the holy bio-mystery that is you and your inherent connection to infinite truths and expressions.

Even when it's scary and you're asked to let go of what you cling to.

This morning, in my inbox, was a newsletter from my friend, Chris Zydel - and in that newsletter was pure gold from her own journey with self-care, about how our very bodies are the canvases awaiting our own creative expressions of healing...

"And then I  began the process of anointing my body. And not my body as my powerful goddess self. But my body as vulnerable. As human. As broken.

I began by touching all those places that are painful or problematic. The places that cause me anguish and despair and shame. The parts of me that I want to repair and change and make better. The parts that make me angry and howling with agonized frustration.

I slowly and with shy tenderness began the practice of anointing each of those places that I so often fear with love. With compassion. Holding each of them as holy. Sacred. Precious. Deserving of my care.... "

Read her full article here.

chrisChris brings so much wisdom and presence to so many women - including me. I believe it is so potent because she makes a practice of coming again and again to herself, in her own life and skin, learning as she goes, with that same devotion to listen, love and surrender to process. That, and she doesn't let fear keep her from exploring and sharing {her} truth.



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