The Art Journaling GIFT

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Art Journaling really is a gift. A gift to your Self.

It can look like whatever you want it to. Whatever your expression is. No one ever has to see it, unless you want them to.

You don't even need all the fancy supplies you see everyone talking about. (gelli plate's and twinkling spritzes are not necessary, at all, I promise)

You can completely be yourself in the safety of it, and you don't even have to know where you're going with it.

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It is a place to play, to let go, let loose, to NOT care so darn much, to remember how to feel good and be spontaneous, to not try so hard, or to try whatever you want and follow whatever little urge your heart desires, to just be OK, to just be free.

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It is a place, a way to go into your self without fear without the pressure of words (unless you wanna) with only the precious gift of time, a few supplies and a little self-attentiveness.

It is a way to know yourself deeper, to course correct, to process your life, to celebrate, to sense Your clarity and truth.

For these reasons, and more, that you can only truly know by doing it, I say, Art {Journaling} is a GIFT.


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The already Awesome price for 21 Secrets is going on a special sale just for the month of July!!

Which gives you the perfect amount of time to enjoy, work through, and gather amazing inspiration and techniques, for your art journaling adventures well past 2013, from 21 different classes - mine included.

Art really is the gift that keeps on giving, I tell ya. And this year's line-up of classes is knocking my socks off. Not to mention the work of the students in my class alone - you can see some examples of their art HERE and HERE.

So grab your seat for the rest of 2013 RIGHT HERE - now just 49 dollars (orig. 59)!!!

And I'll see you in the 21 Secrets playground.


christmas In July Sale

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