Art Practice Moon Magic: New Moon in Sagittarius

26nov-apmmsagnewmoon The new moon always invites us into a new cycle of energy and focus, and when in Sagittarius there is an emphasis on freedom and optimism, too.

With this particular new moon on Tuesday, November 29, at 7:18am EST this week, we may likely some of the creative tensions between truth and illusion... and with a little patience and conscious discernment, practical possibilities that lead us to venture into unknown territories with curiosity, purpose and wonder... like true holistic-creative explorers.

This could be simply in your practice, or out in the terrain of your life. If you're like me, it will likely show up in both simply by tuning your awareness to it.

Here is the audio for your reflection and creative practice to begin this lunar cycle...

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

(To download the audio mp3 for later, click here, and then right-click and save to your device)

As I mention at the end of the recording, this is the last new moon Art Practice Moon Magic Invitation this year - we've cycled through a season of twelve for 2016.

Starting after the New Year, the invitations will move to monthly full moon invitations for 2017, beginning with the full moon in Cancer on January 11, 2017.

Also, if you are interested in exploring your own astrological birth chart and combining it with a monthly creative/art practice next year as a form of contemplation for self-inquiry and discovery, as well as tapping into the miracle of our interconnection with creation, take a look at my upcoming year-long program In The Stars. I am so so so excited to share this program with you!

Registration opens later this week, with first tier dibs and some giveaways going to my mailing list subscribers (sign up on the right sidebar on this page, or below if you are on a mobile device).

So Much Love and Infinite Blessings to You,

Hali Karla