You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are {art journal peek}

altered book art journal spreads | contemplative prayer pages | artist: Hali Karla

You are stronger than you think you are.


You can hear the hard things, see the hard things, say the hard things, do the hard things. And still be soft, loving, guided by your heart, soul, truth and creative spirit.


You can be fierce and strong in the face of chaos and still filled with joy.


In showing up to what lights us up inside out, and also, equally, to our interconnection and to what is hard to witness and experience... may we find ourselves stronger, brighter, and more fully alive today than we were yesterday.


altered book art journal spread | contemplative prayer page | artist: Hali Karla


These art journal pages in my altered book are prayer pages from the last few weeks. Contemplations. Simple marks made with just a few supplies, as a practice-in-presence that also allows space for pressing issues in my awareness.


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